Web Access Portal - New
The Web Access Portal provides users limited access to the TE network from non-TE managed devices.
Current Announcements
  • New Portal
    This new Web Access Portal requires the new Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.  The software will attempt to automatically install when logging in.  If you experience problems with the automatic installation, you may download and install the package using the links below in the software section.
  • Supported Users
    This version of the Web Access Portal is currently only available for employees and those non-employees that are classified as workforce partners.  TE external contracted vendors will need to continue to use the old Vendor WAP environment until receiving instructions pointing them to this new method.
Available Sites
Below are the available sites for TE.  We recommend that you choose the site with the best connection that is geographically closest to you.  If you experience performance problems, you may want to try another site as all portals are configured identically.
    AMER - Harrisburg - US
    AMER - Ashburn - US
    EMEA - Frankfurt - DE
    APAC - Yokohama - JP
    APAC - Shanghai - CN
    APAC - Guangzhou - CN
Connection Legend
 Good Connection
 Fair Connection
 Poor Connection
If you encounter problems accessing any of these sites, please contact the TE Helpdesk at:

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